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Who is Dora ?

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina. My parents were immigrants. My mother stay with me and my three brothers at home and my dad worked building houses and apartments. Growing up there I was raised in the most organic way possible and I’ve learned how my parents make everything from scratch: family, food, business, wealth, overcoming obstacles and never giving up…


I clearly remember spending summers at the beach getting the new houses, apartments and duplex ready for their new owners with my mom and my sister. It was exciting to see people moving in to a new life with a smile. Finding home was possible and I witnessed it.


When I was on my last year of highschool and after my sister died, things changed dramatically at home and it just didn’t feel like home anymore.

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I realized it was time to find who I was and what I wanted my life to look like. I found nothing around that inspired me. I decided to leave my country and the known, familiar and comfortable. I was not happy and I had to do something about it.

This was the most exciting time of my life but I realized I speak no English, I have just a little bit of savings but my dreams and hopes to find me and my new home could not fit in my tiny bag. I choose to take the risk: after all what did I have to loose?

I ended up travelling first to Biloxi, Mississippi and there is where I realized that I loved to be around people of different cultures and where all were welcomed and had an opportunity to start a career if your were willing to clean some bathrooms when you start. So that’s how my career in Hospitality stated in 1999. I worked in several hotels and resorts and lived in Spain, Costa Rica and the US. Travelling and meeting people and their stories made me happy and where ever I went I felt I was Home.


I took over a Department Head position in Denver, Colorado. It was never on my plans to settle and have a family so I didn’t expect that moving here I was going to meet the father of my boys. So I got married, left my career and had 2 babies. I felt I found home. Life seemed pretty good until I realized that time passed and I became someone who was not Me.


It was during that time that I started my real estate business. Not having the guts to change my life, life changed it for me and showed the way out. So I decided to get divorced, let go of almost everything and start a new journey.

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It didn’t matter that I had babies. It didn’t matter that my business was definitely ‘small’ and I had no clue how I would create a life I love, I just had to choose it before figuring things out and trust in Me and all my capacities to create started fresh with my two boys. Then the pandemic hit. Every reality that I have known until then broke into tiny pieces and no longer existed. This was the perfect opportunity… so me and the boys jumped tracks.

I really started to look at what was possible for me. And that was the moment that I opened a door that I could never close again. This time I wanted to shine instead of continuing looking for the light in someone else.
So I found me.

Now, I also enjoy empowering others to find peace and possibility in their lives.


What if you could turn your past and your problems into possibilities?

What if your life could be about playing rather than fighting?


If you are not happy, joyful, loving every aspect of your life – please know there always is a possibility waiting for you to create. You just have to choose it. You know way more than you think you do about what is true for you and how to create your life.


In my journey to seek wholeness and fulfillment of who I am authentically, it is my deep understanding that our true gifts and talents are choices for each of us to accept and to bring into this world. It is said that “many are asked, few choose.” For me, the choice was never easy. There is no right or wrong way to be you. It's always just choice. Your choice. I know that the prospect of possibility resides in every choice you make and you always
know what is true for you. Always.

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